Welcome to the Help Center!

Here you can learn how to upload a video, change your personal information, control your privacy settings and much more!

How do I upload a video?

To upload a video, select the Upload A Video link form the main menu bar above every page. Assuming you are logged in (you will see a login screen if you are not), you will be presented with the option of browsing for your video. Select the Choose File button and locate the video file on your computer, before selecting the Next button.

As the video uploads, you can see it`s progress at the top of the screen but we recommend you take this time to enter information about the video such as title and description. Once the upload has completed, click the Next button.

Social sharing is a key factor in determining which videos rise to the top and which aren`t so lucky, and it is strongly recommended you share your video with friends and family to increase your chances of winning the contest. To do so, simply click one of the social icons presented to you in the Share Video screen.

Finally, once your video is uploaded you either view your video, navigate to the My Account area or continue browsing by simply selecting the option you desire.