Welcome to the Help Center!

Here you can learn how to upload a video, change your personal information, control your privacy settings and much more!

How can I manage my account?

The My Account area can be accessed by selecting the My Account link from the menu bar (when signed in) on the Sign In link (when not signed in). In this area you will see four tabs:
  • Statistics - this allows you to view various statistics on your videos and its ranking.
  • Activity - This tab shows you the latest activity on your video, including votes, comments & trophies.
  • Videos - This tab allows you to edit the details of your videos and/or delete them from the site.
  • My CV - This tab allows you to edit your information such as Name, Address and Profile Picture. These changes are reflected on your profile page as well as throughout various parts of the site.
  • Settings - This tab allows you to edit your personal preferences, including email notifications and privacy settings.